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Enneagram Workshop

I’ve taken my fair share of personality tests, but The Enneagram is my favorite. After running this workshop with several teams, I saw how powerful it is at helping people understand their core motivations. Once teammates understand what motivates and drives one another, they can understand how to work better together. Also, keeping track of nine distinct archetypes is way easier than 16 four-letter combinations (Myers Briggs) or 34 individual strengths (Strength Finder).

[Time: 2 hour session, can accommodate up to 10 attendees]
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Insights Workshop

If the Enneagram is all about core motivations, Insights is focused on communication and leadership style. The Insights Workshop is a great team-building exercise to run with slightly larger groups (as opposed to the Enneagram Workshop above, which I run with groups smaller than 10). I'll send each team member the online test and facilitate the in-person session. Basically, this workshop is perfect for team offsites — I promise you'll be talking about this for weeks over lunch and saying things like "wow, that's such a Red thing to say!"

[Time: 15 min pre-work, 2 hour session, can accommodate up to 35 attendees]

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If you've never run a Retrospective with your team, contact me ASAP because this is such a critical tool. Retrospectives help teams reflect on what went well, what needs improvement, and what to change moving forward. It's also really important for these Retrospectives to be facilitated by a neutral third party (what I'm here for), so teams have a safe space to discuss problems. All we need are a wall, sticky notes, and a rubber chicken.

[Time: 30 mins - 1.5 hour session, can accommodate up to 20 attendees]

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